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Gluten Free Menu

Keep calm, it’s Gluten Free! 

Our menu serves as a Gluten free haven for your lifestyle. Try our delectable dishes that are free of grains & wheat. Our tasty fresh fare, which also includes gluten-free dessert options, will put a smile on your face.

Soup & Stew


Zoodle Bowls

Rice Bowls

Korean Bowls






Sugar-free Iced Green Tea Mojito

Homemade sugar-free healthy iced green tea made with fresh lime, mint and ’Monkfruit’ sweetener. 

Sugar-free Lemonade

Homemade sugar-free healthy lemonade made with fresh lemon juice and organic ’Monkfruit’ sweetener. 

Sugar-free Kephir

Homemade sugar-free healthy kephir made with yogurt and salt.

Bottle Water

San Pellegrino

Mexican Coke

Diet Coke

Mix & Match Your Order From Our Menus All In One Cart!

Add multiple dietary choices to your cart at the same time and get it delivered at the same time.

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