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Keto Desserts

We bake with Healthyish habits!

Our bakery serves unspeakably good, low-carb, sugar free, and gluten free treats to satisfy any craving, without crashing your ketogenic lifestyle. From day one you will fall in love with our cookies and cupcakes, baked for a 'Healthyish' lifestyle with the low-carb possibilities.

Keto Cookie Muffins

Keto Cupcakes



Keto Iced Green Tea Mojito

Homemade sugar-free healthy iced green tea made with fresh lime, mint and ’Monkfruit’ sweetener. 

Keto Lemonade

Homemade sugar-free healthy lemonade made with fresh lemon juice and organic ’Monkfruit’ sweetener. 


Keto Kephir

Homemade sugar-free healthy kephir made with yogurt and salt.

Bottle Water

San Pellegrino

Diet Coke

We Offer National Shipping!

Our cookie muffins are not only an SF treat, but can be a treat for anyone in the US.

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